Order Forms | Order Your Custom Plastic Bags Today!

For security reasons, we need you to download our order form (.pdf is here) and fill it out.

After that you can either fax the document to 1-701-746-4267, or you can scan the form into your computer and email it to fpbags@freedomplasticbags.com

To place an order for your plastic bags:

We will need the following:

  • • Artwork – Black and white, PDF, EPS or real high Res JPG.
  • • There is a $40.00 plate charge (one time) per design order form filled out.

This site is secured with a Comodo SSL certificate so sending CC info through the site or to fpbags@freedomplasticbags.com email address is safe but faxing the order form (to 1-701-746-4267) is still a more reliable and secure method.

If a fax is not available to you, simply fill out the order form, (.pdf is here) and email it to us and then call us with your credit card details.

What we will do: Email you back a proof, making sure it is correct. Give you a better idea of freight charges, shipping method and cost total.

Click here to download our .xls order form.

Click here to download the .pdf order form